Submission Documents and Procedure

Participants are invited to send the following documents:

1. Synopsis of doctoral thesis (3 pages)

2. Abstract of the proposal for an oral presentation, a session, a methodological workshop, a poster, a round table, a film, a photo exhibition (a maximum of 15 abstracts will be selected for oral presentation, 10 for the poster session and 10 for the round tables). For the sessions, methodological workshops, photo exhibitions and films, the number of selected proposals will be decided in accordance to the general program.

3. Curriculum Vitae (maximum 3 pages)

4. Letter of recommendation from the thesis supervisor and/or the director of the research laboratory

Applications should be made on the web page of the Workshop. In order to submit your application, you first have to create an account by choosing create account on the right side, beneath the header photo. Once your account is created, you submit your application on the Submissions page. All your documents should be combined in one PDF document and uploaded.

For any additional question, contact:

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